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ALERT International’s 2017 Training Symposium/Conference is being hosted by Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, September 25-29, 2017.

Register below…don’t miss out on some outstanding and superb training activities, including one entire day at the new Kansas City PD Driver Training Center

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   Conference Attendees – $400.00  (Beginning September 1st $450.00)

Banquet Guests – $55.00

Presentations Include………

Ambush Prevention and EVO Instructional Methods:   In this dynamic presentation, students will be given tips on how to prevent ambush assaults to police officers, both inside a car and out. The latest instructional ideas and concepts for EVO will be discussed along with how to present “Ambush” related information on a driving track.

The Power of Driving Simulation TrainingThis presentation will provide students an understanding of Driving Simulations training, as it is proven, is an effective tool for training in a variety of fields including law enforcement driving training. Instruction will not promote simulation as a replacement for hands-on E.V.O.C. training, rather that simulation compliments Behind-the-Wheel E.V.O.C. training.

ROAD WISE: The ZERO Injury CultureMore officers are killed and injured in and around their vehicles than by felonious assaults. To drastically reduce these numbers, a cultural shift must occur when it comes to roadway activities.Road Wise” focuses on roadway dangers that include everything from operating motor vehicles on patrol, pursuits and emergency responses to positioning on stops, directing traffic and assisting on accident scenes. As Gordon Graham notes – “If it’s predictable, it’s preventable.” This course is designed to prevent the unnecessary injuries and deaths that occur all too frequently.

There are many more topics…check out the full agendaClick Here



******Vendor Registration******

Vendor Registration enables each vendor to display their product at the Conference Center.  Depending on the Vendor Package selected there several other options for Vendors to display and interact with Conference attendees.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us by sending an email to:

“Vendors Register” —  Coming Soon for 2018

Driving Track Demonstrations — Separate arrangements must be completed for Vendor demonstrations/activities at the Driver Training location. There is plenty of room at the Driving Facility this year.  We look forward to having everyone back as we have in past years.