Banquet Closing the 2018 ALERT Training Symposium/Conference

Each year the ALERT Training Symposium/Conference is closed with a banquet and a fund raiser for the Annual Bruce Crabal Scholarship.  This is always an event that attendees look forward to.  We were especially honored by Sergeant Paul Meyer, Portland Police Bureau who provided a very inspirational message.  Sgt. Meyer was injured in the line in 2012 which has left him paralyzed from the waist down.  His message was to encourage the attendees of the conference to remain dedicated to their jobs and pass it forward to each and every person they come in contact with during their training programs.  Further Paul stated that he was overwhelmed with the support and encouragement he received for his family and himself during his recovery.  Paul noted that no other profession has members who run, sometimes at great risk to them self, to assist other members who are injured and/or in harms way.  Following his presentation Paul received a standing ovation.  We wish him much success in his future endeavors and are eternally thankful for his words of encouragement and inspiration.

Sgt. Paul Meyer, Portland Police Bureau

Attendees enjoying the Closing Banquet


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