Day one training at 2021 ALERT Training Symposium and Conference…..

Welcoming remarks by Chief Wendell Franklin, Tulsa Police Department. Chief Franklin provided inspiring words to the approximately 120 conference attendees and thanked them for the outstanding work they provide each of their respective departments. Chief Franklin encouraged the folks in attendance to take advantage of all aspects of the Training Symposium/Conference and learn as much as possible to return to their home agency.

Lt. Jason Hodges, Oklahoma City Police Department presented an excellent discussion covering the Oklahoma City Bombing History, Response and Lessons Learned.

ALERT International is very Thankful for the support of the vendors listed in the below photo. It is truly by the support of the vendors that join ALERT International that allow for such an exceptional Training Symposium/Conference. Without their assistance and support this conference would not be possible.

Lunch on this day was sponsored by HAAS Alert. A heart felt appreciation to HAAS Alert for joining ALERT International.

Lt. Kelly DeVoll a 29-year veteran of law enforcement presented Caliber Press’ “Legally Justified, But was it Avoidable”.

Legally Justified; But was it Avoidable” analyzes dozens of recent use of force videos and focuses on the totality of the interaction. We dissect the behavior of the offender and more importantly, the thoughts and behavioral processes of the officer(s) involved. Specifically, we consider if poor or ill-advised tactics, ineffective communication, a lack of personal control and/or a misunderstanding of acute stress led the officer(s) to escalate the event unintentionally and unconsciously.


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